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Yuyo MC "Dawizard"Frestyle Dance Music Pioneer Remixer and Composer Yuyo MC Aka "DaWizard" Born in Brooklyn NYC and Raised in Chicago started SGR Records USA in 1989 as his independent Recording Label by 2003 expanded the Label in California and started releasing music ranging from Reggaeton to Dance Music by 2010 Yuyo MC "Dawizard" opened up his productions in full mode to Freestyle / Dance Music .

Yuyo MC has produced many songs heard today on the streets , radio waves and internet radio as newschool freestyle and dance music .  He has produced artists such as : Taina , Erik Christian , Ayna , Unique Latina , Rochelle , Johnny O , Victoria , Amy Tori , Marla G aka "Giggles"  , Shannon , Susan Santiago , Luis marte , Angel Gonzalez , Chelly , E'dee , Richard Cimone , and many more under Dawizards Remakes and Remixes and original Productions.. Freestyle Bangers Vol.1 (2013/2014) Yuyo MC Unleashed Freestyle Bangers Vol.1 an album compilation featured with EDM Dance Music , Freestyle Bangin tracks all produced by Him featuring Artists he been working with for the past few years bringing new sound to the movement of New School and old School Artists all in one complete album Featuring Unique Latina , Andrea Martin , Chicago's verry own Freestyle Legend Sandi Castillo , Ayna and Aby Cruz , Noel Valei (NV) , Angel Gonzales , Amy Tori , Jose Torres , Bernadette ,and many more. Dance & Freestyle 2015 "New Projects" New productions by Yuyo MC "Dawizard" Taina “Tonight “ was the first song worked on under Sixcentz then came the second new project  "Let me Live" Originally produced by Jay Alams before the remix for her project , then came The Marla G Project "Party Over Here" originally released by Freddy the Edit and Yuyo MC under Genesis Music (DGM) wich will be re-released with full documentary and music video with Powerhouse Bombshells Records. then many wondered how the Luis Marte "Give it To You" project came about? that was when Yuyo MC and Luis Marte was intruduced by None other than Aby Cruz former (TKA) Member that works on many tracks with Yuyo MC with Ayna , Last but not least Susan Santiago " Open Your Heart" that song been on the works since the middle of the winter of 2015 with all hands on deck with Susan Santiago and Santana Twins. The  Richard Cimone " Hearts Devotion"  project was also released with 3 different versions one under SGR Records USA and another released by Spinnup along side with Unique Latina new song “ Real Love” all produced by Yuyo MC “Dawizard” and Vocal recording and additional edits by Arsenio Rodriguez "Artie" from Artie and Legit ! new music video's from Marla G for the song "Party Over Here" Luis Marte new song "Give it to you" are all on the works for the biggening releases of 2016.


Ayna "Sober" Produced by Yuyo MC "Dawizard" - YouTube

Feb 1, 2014 - Uploaded by Yuyo MC
Inspired of Ayna Single Release produced by Yuyo MC "Dawizard" Official Music Video. Available on iTunes ..

Ayna Ft Aby Cruz TRY - YouTube

Sep 20, 2013 - Uploaded by ruel powermoves
Ayna of Aynamusic "Try" ft Aby Cruz Available on itunes on Freestyle Bangers Vol 1 http ...

Marla G "Party Over Here" - Official Music Video starring Ojani Noa ...

Jan 1, 2016 - Uploaded by PowerhouseBombshells
Marla G "Party Over Here" - Official Music Video starring Ojani Noa ... "Party Over Here (Original Dance Edm ...

***** For any Dance or Freestyle artists who are interested or is in the look out for productions by Yuyo MC contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible *****
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